Whitehall Vineyard


Whitehall Farm has been our family home for five generations, since 1894. We’ve been working the land in this enchanting pocket of the British countryside for over a century.

Our history of growing and farming naturally evolved into a desire to take on a new challenge, to produce premium English wines. Whitehall Vineyard was established in 2017 with the support of a small team of planters, who helped us plant the vines one by one.

Since then, we’ve been carefully crafting our wines with charming British flavours to enhance any dining experience, or simply to enjoy on their own.

"Growing produce on our family farm has been a long standing tradition for our family and branching into the growing and creation of English wine is our newest venture, one that we have a deep passion for".


Our knowledge and passion for horticulture, cultivation, an appreciation of nature and the great outdoors means that everything we produce conforms to the best quality. Whitehall Vineyard is our next step.


Whitehall Vineyard lies on the rich, fertile soils of the Avon Valley, with a favourable aspect and an underlying bedrock of permeable limestone. This terroir is perfect for growing Rondo, Bacchus, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris, the basis of all our wines.

A county full of character and spirit, Wiltshire has a long wine-producing history, with vineyards in the country known to exist in Norman times. Today, sheltered by Nethercote Hill, Whitehall Vineyard continues this heritage.

By choosing Whitehall English Wine, you choose to support the British countryside.

"I view agriculture as a partnership with nature. If you respect it, and treat it well, it pays you back" - Claire Self

"English wine has always been a passion of mine, so being able to produce it our self is a huge achievement and something we are really proud of".


When purchasing a bottle of Whitehall Vineyard wine you are supporting a family business and the local community of Lacock, Wiltshire.