The Bacchus 2020 Case
The Water Meadows Case
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The Pinot Noir 2019 Case
The Pinot Gris Case
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The Nethercote Hill 2019 Case
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The Bacchus 2019 Case
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Award Winning Wine From Wiltshire

We have delicately hand-crafted our wine with the ambition to create extraordinary and exquisite flavors to enhance your dining experience or simply to enjoy on their own. We aspire to bring you a tase of Wiltshire with every glass, squeezed from the highest quality grapes grown on our family farm, our home for five generations since 1894, committing to making the best possible wine in any given year. By choosing Whitehall, you choose to invest in the British countryside. We welcome you to delight in the flavors of our wine and enjoy. Whitehall Vineyard was launched on 1st September 2020, with 8 premium English still wines. Every single wine released so far is award winning with the Pinot Noir 2019 winning a Silver Decanter World Wine Award in 2022 and the Bacchus 2020 and Chardonnay 2020 winning a Bronze Decanter World Wine Award. The Bacchus 2019 won a Gold Medal at the Independent English Wine Awards in 2020 and the Pinot Noir 2019 also won a Gold Medal in the 2021 competition. The Charlotte May Rosé and Madeline May Chardonnay take their names from the two daughters of the Self family, emphasizing the passion and personalisation of this award winning family business.