NOVEMBER 4th 2021

Sometimes an occasion calls for the most lavish of accompaniments, like Champagne, but it’s time to set your own rules. Who said Champagne or Prosecco were essential to your next dinner party? Today’s article will explore which wines you can swap out in place of the bubbles, for an equally impactful event without compromising on that all-important glamour.

White Wines


The most obvious choice compared to the classic bubbles of Champagne, Cava and Prosecco is white wine. Similarly acidic, this is the perfect choice for those who favour the close flavour and dryness of the bubbly alternative.

Ideal for summer dinner parties or weddings, choose from one of the drier grape varieties to imitate the dry acidity of classic Champagnes.

Our Bacchus gold medal-winning white wine offers distinct aromas of elderflower meaning this light and fruity wine would add subtle charm to any dinner parties serving pasta or delicate fish.

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Red Wines


Ensure the proceedings remain sophisticated with red wines. Perfect for entertaining large gatherings, especially through the winter months, or through that all-important festive period.

Red wine offers a touch of elegance to any event, especially when paired with a hearty, meaty winter’s feast.

Take our Pinot Noir, for example, aged in French Oak, a great accompaniment for winter banquets or conversing near a roaring fire.


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Rosé Wines


The subtle choice of the three but by no means less impactful. Usually reserved for warmer climates and paired with ice, that doesn’t mean the subtleties of rosé wine should be ignored.

As an alternative to Champagne, this is a real no brainer. With its subtle floral tones, this fruity, dry option will be a firm favourite when those evening garden parties grow longer and hotter.

Our Charlotte May Rosé promises the essence of stone fruit to give a clean and fresh finish, making this a sweet addition to any summer gathering.


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Other Alternatives


If wine’s still not answering your Champagne woes, why not try an exciting wine-based cocktail to spruce up any party drinks offering? Take a look at our wine-based cocktail recipes for some more inspiration.

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