DECEMBER 30th 2021

It’s been a difficult few years for many, so, it’s easy to say we all deserve something special and this New Year the celebrations are no different…

Make seeing in the New Year extra special this year, whether you’re enjoying some quality time with the ones you love from the comfort of your home, or you have more extravagant plans, make sure you’ve got exactly what you need to elevate your evening to new heights.

1. Charlotte May Rosé

Who needs Champagne for New Year when you can have our Charlotte May Rosé? Make the bold decision to swap out the bubbles for something a little lighter and fruitier.

With a clean and fresh finish, this is one you’ll be able to drink throughout the night and into the New Year!



2. Madeline May Chardonnay

Make your celebrations complex yet well-balanced with this Limited Edition Chardonnay. Light and subtle this wine will be with you from the first sip to those early hour goodbyes.

Not only is it exquisite alone, but paired with light pasta and fish this Chardonnay steals the show.



3. Pinot Noir

The perfect pairing for a refined New Year’s gathering, with cheeseboards and Pinot Noir aplenty.

This is a comforting and exquisite red wine with a complex structure and elegant tannins, as well as a triumphant smattering of French Oak, the Whitehall Pinot Noir was crafted from our outstanding 2018 harvest. 



5. Nethercote Hill

This blend of Pinot Noir and Rondo combines fruity flavours for a traditional yet surprisingly rich taste, perfect for when the evening gets into the later hours, this elegant red will be a firm favourite.



7. The Sample Case

We know sometimes, the fun lies in trying new and exciting wines and flavours. So, why not make the wine the star of the show with our sample case of all our wines.

Meaning you can celebrate and pick and choose as you go.




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