MAY 25th 2021

Did you know that what wine glass you drink from can have a sizable impact on your senses and enjoyment of that wine? This is the reason why many wine aficionados use particular glasses for different wines.

The purpose of this article is to describe the ideal glass shape for a number of wine types, as well as explaining the theory behind how specific glassware can enhance your tipple.

Chardonnay Glasses


Often considered to be quite a complex wine, Chardonnay is typically quite dry wine with a medium-to-full body. It is celebrated for its fresh aroma, meaning that it will actually sit well in what many would call a ‘traditional’ white wine glass. The slightly narrow rim helps to concentrate the aroma on the nose, meaning that you can more easily enjoy that beautiful Chardonnay scent. The smaller bowl of a Chardonnay glass additionally helps keep your drink cooler, which is ideal for drinking white wine in the sun. 

Our own Chardonnay, Madeline May, has a fresh, peachy flavour – a true taste of summer. Part of a limited edition run, with only 500 bottles available, a small white wine glass would be perfect for enjoying Madeline May with a picnic or light pasta dish.

Pinot Noir Glasses


Generally quite a dry variety with bright acidity, noticeable tannins and deep oaky flavours, Pinot Noir is a bold, confident wine. The most popular choice for fans of Pinor Noir is a Burgundy Glass… a glass with a wide bowl that tapers off to a narrow nose. The deep wide bowl allows in plenty of oxygen that reacts favourably with the punchy notes of the Pinot Noir, with the narrow nose concentrating those aromas. A luxury-feeling glass for a wine that is often associated with romance and a succulent dinner.  

Our best-selling Pinot Noir comes from our outstanding 2019 harvest, aged in French Oak and with a playfully delectable balance of light tannins and take-notice acidity.

Bacchus Glasses


One of the most popular grape varieties in the UK (for good reason), Bacchus is one of the most versatile wines when it comes to pairing with a wide variety of meals, meats and flavours. Zingy, refreshing and sharply textured, cutting through the flavours of your food without overwhelming them. 

For a Bacchus, you would typically want a glass that allows in plenty of oxygen, as in a reasonably deep bowl, but because it is not a wine that relies as heavily on aroma, you don’t necessarily need a tapered narrow nose. A wine glass that’s straight and simple is perfect for this most classy of accompaniments.

Our Bacchus was awarded the Gold Medal at the 2020 Independent English Wine Awards, described as “superbly crafted, textured and balanced”.

Rosé Glasses


Fruity and flavourful, the brighter and crisper sibling of red wine, Rosé is regularly a popular choice for both frequent and infrequent wine drinkers. As a delicate drink, you don’t want a heavy or overly large wine glass for your Rosé. A tall, elegant stem and a narrow bowl typify the perfect Rosé wine glass. 

Our Silver Award-Winning Charlotte May Rosé is crafted with irresistible summer berry flavours, with excitable notes of elderflower. 

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