FEBRUARY 12th 2021

There’s nothing more romantic than an intimate conversation shared over a candle-lit dinner, especially when it’s accompanied by a well-matched bottle of wine. But where do you start? What wine should you choose for a romantic dinner or evening with your partner? 

Knowing what wine will pair well with your planned meal and impress your date may appear complicated, but we’re here to break down the options for you with our beginner’s guide to romantic wine selection. Whether you’re ‘cheers-ing’ a special occasion, Valentine’s or a big anniversary, or simply treating your love to a home-cooked delight just because, we’ll help you find the perfect bottle to set the mood.

Romantic Red Wines…


Known for their robust flavour and deep rose-red colour, red wines are a classic selection for your date night table. Pairing flawlessly with hearty dishes like steak, roast meat, or flavoursome spicy courses, reds are ideal for if you’re really looking to push the boat out. 

Red wines to impress your date:

  • Pinot Noir – the perfect balance of acidity and light tannins make this wine a great selection for a bottle that will add to, but never overpower, the flavours of your delicious meal.
  • Nethercote Hill – With a rich ruby colour and a soft mouthfeel, Nethercote Hill is a no-nonsense red that will keep the conversation flowing.

White Wines…


If you’re cooking up a less rich meal for your romantic date night, such as white fish, chicken or creamy pasta dishes, you’ll often find white wines make the perfect accompaniment. 

What’s more, many white wines are best served chilled – offering you the opportunity to impress with an ice-bucket. Whether you’re recreating restaurant sophistication at home or are treating your date to a meal out, there’s certainly something celebratory about an ice container placed next to your table.

Our white wine picks for your romantic evening:

  • Bacchus 2019 – our gold-medal winning still white wine, combining sweet elderflower notes with a long-lasting finish.
  • Water Meadows – white blend wine, with a crisp flavour that is perfect alongside fish or white meat.

Sweet Dessert Wines…


Everyone knows that the crowning glory of any good date night is the dessert, so if you’re really looking to impress your other half, you’ll need a delicious dessert wine. You want something sweet enough to round-off the meal nicely, without it being so sweet that the pairing with your pudding becomes sickly.

Choices for your sweet wine selection:

  • Charlotte May Rosé – fruity and summery, this sweet rosé offers a delicate finish to your romantic evening.

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