DECEMBER 23rd 2021

Merry Christmas from Whitehall Vineyard! What a year 2021 has been. Whilst the world outside feels unfamiliar and unrecognisable, we have all connected and shared more than ever. From a smile with a stranger, a phone call to a family member or simply, a glass of wine with a friend. Whitehall Vineyard aims to be there for the moments that matter most, from the quiet evenings to the biggest celebrations. So we thank you for joining us on our journey over the last year. We wish you a very joyful and peaceful festive season and all our best wishes for the coming year ahead. Let’s raise a glass and reflect on all that we have achieved together over the past 12 months!

We’ve had new product releases including our 2 new Wines in a Can. We also introduced our Mulled Wine blend which has proved very popular on the run up to Christmas!  We spent 19 nights lighting 1,500 frost candles by hand. This successfully protected and saved the 2022 crop from unseasonable April frosts. Adopt a Vine gift goes from strength to strength, as enthusiasts of fine English wine enjoy the opportunity to be part of the up and coming English Wine movement. Our wines have won multiple awards throughout the year. From both The Independent English Wine Awards and the Wine of Great Britain Awards. All in all a very exciting year and with so much to look forward to next year, we’re so glad we have you with us.

2021 Awards | Independent English Wine Awards 2021

We’re so proud of our award winning wines. This year we won 6 awards from the Independent English Wine Awards. Our most decorated bottle is our popular Pinot Noir 2019. Winning the coveted Gold award in the Independent Wine Awards and the Silver award in the Wines of Great Britain awards, why not try it out for yourself? This delicate, medium bodied red wine is aged in French Oak to add hints of toast.



Other awards won:

2021 Awards | The Wines of Great Britain Awards 2021

This year we headed to the Wines of Great Britain awards and came away with 5 awards! Among other wines, our favourite Bacchus 2019 won bronze. Bacchus 2019 is a refreshingly crisp and clean wine. With aromas of nettle and elderflower on the nose, complimenting the delicate herbaceous flavours on the palate. Try our award winning Bacchus 2019 to enjoy the gentle flavours of the Wiltshire countryside!


Other awards won:

Wine in a Can

In autumn 2021 we launched our brand new Wine in a can. Perfect for taking with you to events, day trips and picnics.  These 250ml cans are the same size as a large glass of wine, great for taking on the go! Available as our Charlotte May Rose 2020 and our Madeline May Chardonnay 2020, stock up for the new year!

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Mulled Wine

Brand new the to Vineyard this winter, we created a delicious and creative twist on a classic English wine. Our Rondo and Pinot Noir grapes have been blended with cinnamon and the essence of orange to bring you the taste of Christmas in a glass. Best served warm, this seasonal favourite is perfect with a mince pie! This delicious wine can be enjoyed throughout winter as a seasonal warmer!



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We would love to hear from you, as a Whitehall Vineyard customer you mean so much to us, your opinion matters! What would you like to see from Whitehall Vineyard over the next 12 months? Do you have a favourite wine that you can’t wait to share with friends and family? Get in touch!


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