Best Emerging Vineyard Marketing Businesswoman 2023 (UK).

We are pleased to announce that Charlotte Self was nominated and awarded "Best Emerging Vineyard Marketing Businesswoman 2023 (UK)" in the Influential Businesswoman Awards for 2023.


How the nominees are chosen:

"Our independent judging panel takes note of all supporting documentation provided and supplied via nominees; this is compiled into a case file along with any other relevant information gained. In addition, our dedicated researchers were also on-hand to prepare a case file on your behalf via merit-orientated research into public domain sources. Awardees must be able to demonstrate expertise within their given field, dedication to client service and satisfaction, and above all an ongoing commitment to excellence and quality.Our merit-driven approach has brought us much success and commendation throughout its use and enforces our stance that victors are not determined by popularity of votes, but by their contributions."


Charlotte was anonymously nominated for this award so the result came as a huge surprise!


An Interview with Charlotte:

Tell us more about your role within the company. How long have you been there, and how have your previous roles and experience led you to your success?

"I have been part of the business since it was originally established in 2016, when I was 19 years old. I have been responsible for the branding and marketing of the business as a whole. This included developing the initial brand and identity of the business in which I reached out to a number of design companies, in the end we ended up working with a company called Stranger & Stranger to create the concept of the logo and bottle label, based on the brick work and wisteria on our family house. I then looked into creating a website to retail through and used a company called Blubolt to create our website on a Shopify platform. I have been heavily involved in the design and direction of the branding and ecommerce website. I am also responsible for the advertising and social media presence for the company and any point of sale, marketing and gifting.

Before being involved in the set-up of Whitehall Vineyard I have been working at Whitehall Garden Centres as the Marketing & E-Commerce Manager for over eight years, which has helped me gain confidence and knowledge in the industry".


What would you say is your biggest achievement in your career?

"For me the biggest achievement is the finished product when it comes to the wine and the website. When I see our bottles of wine on a self or on a wine list in a restaurant it brings a huge sense of achievement. Looking at all the hard work that has gone into the branding, the label creation, design and website as a finished project is something I look at as a huge achievement and am very proud of".


What does the future hold for your business? Are there any specific projects or major developments on the horizon that you would be willing to share with us? Do you have any predictions or plans for 2023?

"Our newest venture is the release of our English Sparkling Rosé, which we bottled in 2019. We will hopefully be looking to release a Blanc de Blanc and a Classic Cuvée next year, with new labels that we designed two years ago but haven’t been able to showcase yet, which is really exciting.

One day we would also love to build a visitor centre and start doing tours and tastings around the vineyard so customers can see who we are, where we come form and the history behind the brand".


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