Top 3 Wine Trends of 2022

January 24th 2022

In comes the new year and so does the latest wine trends. We’ve done our research and pulled together what we think 2022 will look like for the world of wine.
What will be the most popular type? What will customers be looking for and why? Here are our 2022 Wine Trend predictions…


charlotte may rose a summer wine for christmas

1. Year of the Rosé


With multiple retail and supermarket reports showing Rosé Wine sales growing at a faster rate than its Red and White counterparts, Rosé looks to be on track to have a particularly successful year.

And why not? Rosé is a wine to enjoy all year round, regardless of the climate. With light and fruity tones, this refreshing wine will be the star of 2022, so, watch this space.

In the meantime, take a look at our Rosé Wine.


Still Canned Wine in Vineyard

2. Wine in a can


We predict wine in a can will be a huge trend this year, making premium wine an easier option for the likes of outdoor parties, gatherings and festivals.

So, you can be sure to enjoy your favourite Whitehall wines without needing any of the paraphernalia to accompany them. Just you and your favourite wine, simple but refined. 

Have a look at our selection of wines in a can and see which piques your interest.


Winter at Whitehall Vineyard

3. Responsible history


Having something extra means a lot to the modern-day customer, especially when it comes to sustainability and heritage.

Wines and Vineyards with a backstory offer exactly that. So, why not read our story about the rich history of the Whitehall farm and how it has been the home to our family since 1894.




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