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Whitehall Vineyard, protecting vines from frost
July 8th 2021

In April, temperatures dropped below -2 in Wiltshire and Britain as a whole, leading to the lowest average minimum temperatures for April since 1922, Vineyards across the country faced the very real prospect of losing a lot – if not all – of their crop.

Read on to learn about how we protected our vines at Whitehall Vineyard from the harsh temperatures this year.

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Wine Inspiration for Ladies that Lunch
June 17th 2021

As the world opens up once more and the sun slowly emerges for summer, it’s much easier to meet up with friends and enjoy a delicious tipple in the sunshine. Warm afternoons and a refreshing glass of wine are a perfect marriage, but sometimes it’s hard to know what wine to pair with what. This lunchtime wine guide will help you there…

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white wine with grapes
What Glasses To Use For Different Wines
May 25th 2021

Did you know that what wine glass you drink from can have a sizable impact on your senses and enjoyment of that wine? This is the reason why many wine aficionados use particular glasses for different wines.

The purpose of this article is to describe the ideal glass shape for a number of wine types, as well as explaining the theory behind how specific glassware can enhance your tipple.

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friends drinking red wine
Misconceptions & Myths About Wine
May 14th 2021

One of the reasons why the wine industry is often wrongly perceived as being overly-exclusive is because there are a number of misconceptions as to the ‘rights and wrongs’ of enjoying wine. Here at Whitehall Vineyard, we believe that no-one should be put off testing and enjoying wine. We are on a mission to break down any barriers of inaccessibility.

So, if you’re a budding wine enthusiast, and looking to separate the wine fact from the wine fiction, this is the perfect guide for you. For further details on the what’s what in the world of wine tasting, make sure to also check out our Wine Terminology Glossary.

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wiltshire vineyard whitehall
What Makes Wiltshire Wine So Special?
March 26th 2021

Characterised by its wide valleys, stunning countryside and of course, the presence of the iconic British landmark – Stone Henge – Wilshire is a somewhat underrated gem of the European wine scene.

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